Tamper-proof holograms for anti-counterfeit marking of high-value products

A research group (Applied Optics and Photonics) led by Professor Duncan Hand at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh has developed a laser-based process for the generation of phase holographic structures directly onto the surface of metal and glass substrates.  The holograms are generated by either only melting or a combination of melting and evaporation, with sub-micron depth control of the hologram individual features (called pixels).  The target application of these ‘tamper-proof’ holograms is security marking of high value products and components in order to reduce the trade in counterfeit goods.

 Tamper-proof holograms
This research has been funded by the ESPRC and initial findings have been published in the Journal of Materials Processing Technology and Optics Express.  Some of the media coverage can be found at the BBC, YAHOO and Heriot-Watt University websites.