SUPA Showcase 2020

We invite all members of SUPA – student, professor and everyone in between – to showcase a highlight from the last year for the SUPA community online. Your highlight could be about your research project, a scientific or technical breakthrough, a report on a recent paper you’ve published, a collaborative initiative between SUPA or other partners, a creative interdisciplinary project, an industry placement, an outreach or public engagement activity, or a research visit.

We will bring together these highlights of the last year in an online showcase format, to share, inspire and engage our community in the absence of being able to network and exchange information as part of our 2020 SUPA Virtual Gathering replacing the planned Annual Gathering.

A course page has been set up on My.SUPA, with forums for each of the seven SUPA research themes plus an area for other activities beyond research to share with your colleagues across SUPA.

Please complete your project information on the template provided, designed to encourage clear and concise summaries that can be understood and appreciated by those across all areas of physics, and to ensure that they can be easily read on a variety of screens.

Live 30-40min Q&A sessions (via Zoom) will be held for each area during the week of 25 – 29 May.

Tues 26 May, 10am - Astronomy & Space Science

Tues 26 May, 2pm - Condensed Matter

Tues 26 May, 3pm - Energy

Weds 27 May, 10am - Nuclear & Plasma Physics

Weds 27 May, 2pm – Particle Physics

Weds 27 May, 3pm – Physics & Life Sciences

Thurs 28 May, 10am – Photonics

Thurs 28 May, 2pm – Other projects (e.g. outreach, placements, research visits etc)

With author’s permission, these highlights will be transferred to the public-facing SUPA website after the week 25-29 May 2020 to showcase the latest SUPA activities, (you can ask not to be considered for this as part of the sign-up process).

Please pre-register on the google form by Tues 19 May if you would like to submit a highlight. Enrol on the MySUPA course page, download the template (PowerPoint), save your final version as pdf, and upload the .pdf by Friday 22 May at noon.

To only view the showcase, enrol on the My.SUPA Showcase 2020 course page. Don’t forget to give yourself sufficient time to view the posters before the Q&A session!

SUPA Showcase 2020


The SUPA Showcase is one part of the SUPA Virtual Gathering.  We would also encourage you to sign up and join us for the Virtual Gathering Inspirational Talks.