Scottish Graduate School in Physics

The SUPA Graduate School provides postgraduate training in physics. The SUPA program consists of over 50 courses, covering specialist physics content and professional development courses.

Video Conference Facilities

Most SUPA courses are delivered via video conference rooms located in each of the SUPA institutions. The schedule for the video conferencing rooms can be seen in the timetable.  The VC rooms are available for booking via the SUPA office when not scheduled for courses.

The Graduate School hosts a number of events throughout the year including the Welcome Event, the Careers Event and the Annual Gathering.


SUPA students are expected to complete 40 hours of advanced specialist courses and 20 hours of professional development training during the first two years of their studies. Full details about these requirements are available in the course information section. Our courses and their associated materials are held in the online learning environment My.SUPA. Students should enrol in courses via My.SUPA at the beginning of each semester. Watch this short video on how to access My.SUPA (1min 48s, can watch with or without sound). 



Watch this short video to find out about the courses we offer, and what we require of our students (2min 26s, can watch with or without sound).