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Condensed Matter and Material Sciences

CMMP collage


Condensed Matter and Material Sciences (CMMS) is a thriving area of physics, in Scotland and globally. Its goal is to connect the emergent properties of large numbers of strongly interacting particles (atoms, molecules, grains…) to their fundamental interactions. The fruits of such work are visible all around us: every laptop contains a magnetic hard disc, an LCD screen, and a smart polymer touchpad, not to mention its 'brain' (central processor): none of these would exist without CMMS research.

The CMMS theme involves workers from all six participant Universities in SUPA: a community of about 65 permanent academics, 30 research staff, 50 PDRAs and 200 postgraduate students. 

SUPA can boast excellence in all of the major methodologies relevant to CMMS: laboratory experiment with leading edge instrumentation and facilities; computer simulation on some of the world's fastest computers; and theoretical modelling – with some of the best brains! Some of SUPA's more applied CMMS research falls within the Photonics Theme; for details of these areas, see the Photonics Theme Page.

Within its CMMS Theme, SUPA identifies four current Areas of Strength:

SUPA funding allows us to bring these together to create two exciting New Initiatives:

Download the Condensed Matter and Material Sciences flyer:

Theme Leader: Stephen McVitie (