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                                          Welcome to SUPA!   

SUPA is a collaboration across the physics community in Scotland. 

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One of SUPA's best features is that students can take courses at any of the SUPA Universities.  Please investigate the courses offered through SUPA in the course catalogue, then discuss options with your supervisor. The catalogue also has details on the procedures within SUPA, such as how to get credit for a summer school.  You may refer back to the catalogue many times while you are a student.   

Courses in SUPA are integrated through the My.SUPA virtual learning environment.  Students register for courses through My.SUPA.  All the courses offered and course materials can be found there.  The courses offered and registration for Semester 1 will open on My.SUPA in early September.  Until then, courses from the previous academic year will still be visible.

Some universities have an earlier start date than others, so you may find that a course starts before your own university’s courses begin.  The earliest courses start in mid-September.  To avoid missing classes, you can register and begin a SUPA course even before your official start date.   

To register and participate in classes, you must create an account in My.SUPA.   Please use your university email account.  When you create an account, you will automatically be enrolled on a page with other new students who are also starting their doctorate.  This page holds key information about the SUPA Welcome event, and allows you to interact with other new students.  If you need to enrol using a personal email address, then please update this as soon as you have your university email address set up.