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This year's Annual Gathering will once again take place virtually:


Tues 25 May to Thurs 27 May 2021


A single registration via Eventbrite allows entry to all sessions. Zoom will be used for all sessions except the final session on Thursday which will allow informal interactions on Gather.Town.


Keynote talks by three distinguished physicists tackle a hot topic with cold molecules, the impact of physics and science policy. Theme-based Showcase sessions with mini-posters will allow sharing and discussion of a wide range of activities since the 2020 Annual Gathering, while a final combined poster / exhibition / networking session will allow you to delve further into research advances and activities across SUPA, and importantly, catch up with colleagues that you probably have not met to chat to for a while.


Our Keynote talks are confirmed as (please note the different times):

  • Tuesday 25 May, 1-2pm, Prof Sheila Rowan, University of Glasgow,"Challenge and change in science".
  • Wednesday 26 May, 4-5pm, Prof Heather Lewandowski, University of Colorado Boulder"Watching chemical reactions happen one molecule at a time".
  • Thursday 27 May, 1-2pm, Prof Martin Dawson, University of Strathclyde/Fraunhofer"Applied research in photonics: achieving impact from physics".

Abstracts of the keynote talks, and biographies of our speakers.



We’ve invited all members of SUPA – student, technician, professor and everyone in between – to showcase a highlight from the last year for the SUPA community online as part of this year’s SUPA Virtual Gathering. The highlights could be about a research project, a scientific or technical breakthrough, a report on a recent published paper, a collaborative initiative between SUPA or other partners, a creative interdisciplinary project, an industry placement, or an outreach or public engagement activity. We are bringing together these highlights in a series of online showcase sessions grouped by theme to share, inspire and engage our community. All are welcome at all sessions.

Showcase Sessions

Up to 10 posters relevant to each theme will be selected for presentation over Zoom, where those selected will be asked to talk about the content of their poster for 3 minutes, with 2 minutes for questions and discussion. 


The live 1hr Zoom sessions will take place as follows:

Tues 25 May, 9.30am – Astronomy & Space Science (Astro)

Tues 25 May, 11am – Condensed Matter & Material Sciences (CMMS)

Tues 25 May, 2.30pm – Photonics (Phot)


Weds 26 May, 9.30am – Nuclear & Plasma Physics (NPP)

Weds 26 May, 11am – Particle Physics (PP)

Weds 26 May, 2.30pm – Energy (Energy)


Thurs 27 May, 9.30am – Physics & Life Sciences (PaLS)

Thurs 27 May, 11am – Public Engagement & Outreach (PEO)

Posters / Exhibition / Networking


On Thursday 27 May, 2.15 - 4.15pm, our final event element will take place in Gather Town. Here is a quick guide to using Gather Town for this session.


NetworkingThis is your opportunity to network, with lots of space available to chat to colleagues from across universities. 


Exhibition: We have invited a number of external organisations and partners for the Exhibition space, for you to talk to about their research, impact and careers. Confirmed so far are NPL, Royal Society of Edinburgh, Institute of Physics, Novosound, Thales, Energy Technology Partnership, SINAPSE, Interface, Fraunhofer, Higgs Centre for Innovation and the Institute of Physics in Engineering & Medicine (IPEM). 


PostersEvery poster submitted will be on display in rooms for each theme, and you can “walk around” to view all of the posters and chat to the authors. 


All posters will be available throughout and everyone is welcome to attend the full session, but authors of the posters will be with their posters for the following 30minute slots so there can be engaging conversation between audience and author:

2.15 - 2.45

Astronomy & Space Science

2.30 - 3.00

Condensed Matter & Material Sciences

2.45 - 3.15


3.00 - 3.30

Particle Physics

3.15 - 3.45


3.30 - 4.00

Physics & Life Sciences

3.30 - 4.00

Nuclear & Plasma Physics

3.45 - 4.15

Public Engagement & Outreach

How to submit a poster

*Poster submission now closed*

Please complete your project information on this poster template, which has been designed to encourage clear and concise summaries that can be understood and appreciated by those across all areas of physics. [Important note: gifs and animations will not work in GatherTown!] Please save your template as a PowerPoint file, with the file name using the format "Theme_YourSurname_FirstName".


With the author’s permission, these highlights will be transferred to this public-facing SUPA website after the event to showcase the latest SUPA activities (you can ask not to be considered for this as part of the sign-up process).


Please submit your poster using this google form by 9am, Tues 18 May. If you’re selected to present your poster, we will let you know the same day. Please note that if we receive your poster after this deadline, it may not be included as we may not have time to incorporate it. Please note the dates and times of the Showcase sessions and the time you would need to be next to your poster in Gather Town. If you have any problems uploading your poster into the Google form (you will need a Google account), please adminatSUPA.ac.uk (subject: Poster%20for%20Virtual%20Gathering) (email us).