Non-neutral Plasmas and Plasma Diagnostics

Relativistic Electrons, Lasers and Discharges

Non-neutral plasma activities at Strathclyde University include experimental and theoretical relativistic electron beam physics, electron cyclotron masers, cyclotron autoresonance masers (CARMs), free electron lasers, superradiant sources, novel electron sources, pseudospark physics, low temperature plasmas and plasma diagnostics. Plasma experiments include a laboratory experiment to simulate auroral kilometric radiation (AKR). This experimental and computational AKR research enjoys close links with the Plasma Physics Group at St Andrews University's School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Atomic and Molecular Diagnostic Processes in Plasmas 

Plasma diagnostics at Strathclyde University include the study of the role of atoms, ions and molecules in high temperature fusion and stellar plasmas, including that of the solar corona, and low temperature discharges.  There is a strong theoretical computational group focused principally on electron collisions and spectral emission from plasmas. This work is closely linked to major Earth observation, astrophysical, fusion and heavy ion ring laboratories in Europe.