Doctoral Training Centres

The CDT's receive funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, EPSRC.


The Centre for Doctoral Training in Applied Photonics is a collaboration between the Universities of Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, St Andrews and Strathclyde spanning physics and engineering. This CDT was created to meet industry's need for highly skilled engineers in the photonics-electronics interface; companies developing photonics-enabled products and services, from consumer technology and mobile computing devices to healthcare and security. It offers EngD and PhD studentships.

Other CDT's have made great contributions to student training within SUPA: 

The Scottish Doctoral Training Centre in Condensed Matter Physics (CM-CDT) was a collaboration between the Universities of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt and St Andrews providing international-level doctoral training in the core discipline of condensed matter physics. Commencing in 2009, the CM-CDT offered 4-year studentships.



The CDT in Intelligent Sensing and Measurement was a collaboration between the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh spanning physics and engineering.  It addressed sensing and measurement across applications that impact all areas of life, from integrated atomic clocks for GPS location through the myriad of chemical and physical sensors found in science, industry, environmental monitoring, consumer goods, biomedicine, food, energy and transport. The CDT in ISM offered 4-year studentships.