The Way We Work

Research Management

After earning a PhD in laser physics at Imperial College in London, Karen developed lasers for medical applications.  Then she shifted from research to management.  She played a key role in shaping the Institute of Photonics at Strathclyde and describes the importance of management and developing a personal management style.  Recorded in July 2019. 

Patent Attorney, Marks & Clark

Kate is a chartered (UK) and European attorney at Marks & Clerk, one of the world's leading patent and trade mark attorney firms.  She works on a wide range of patent cases in physics, electronics and engineering, including medical imaging, medical devices, signal processing, renewables, telecoms and computer-implemented inventions.  Before retraining as a patent attorney in her mid-30s, she was an antenna scientist/engineer in the defence and telecoms industry.  She has a MSci in theoretical physics from St Andrews and a PhD in high-energy particle physics from Durham.  Recorded in November 2019.   For more information on becoming a patent attorney, see:

Data Scientist

Chandra describes how a childhood interest in science developed as he pursued a PhD at Heriot-Watt and did postdoctoral research at Stanford.  He also spoke about why he enjoys his current work as a data scientist.   Recorded in July 2019. 

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

After his PhD, Prof. Andrew Osborne's career moved from physics to investment banking and back again.  He describes his management strategies and hopes for the impact his work will have.  Recorded in July 2019.