SUPA does several things to support the career development of researchers.  Keep in mind that only about 6% of PhD students will go on to become Professors (various sources discuss this controversial figure here).  An academic career is only one of many exciting options available to students.  

Careers Online at Lunchtime

These monthly seminars allow our students to meet virtually people who have pursued a variety of careers after completing a PhD in physics.  Informal conversations with these invited guests help students develop their own career plans.  

Industry Skills Course

Presented each year in the spring, this course was developed in collaboration with SUPA’s non-academic partners and is delivered by these non-academic partners.  It is a great opportunity for students to learn about how different organisations work.  Check MySUPA for this year’s invited speakers.  

The Way We Work

Hear about a variety of career paths in this series of interviews with physicists who have connections to SUPA.