July 2023 Note: We are currently waiting for confirmation of funding opportunities for the academic year 2023/24, please check back in semester 1, or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with opportunities.

SUPA has funding available for researchers in SUPA partner universities to promote exchange of knowledge and information with the intent of encouraging collaborations between SUPA partners and with institutions external to SUPA across the world .  We encourage initiatives that bridge with other disciplines and provide pathways to impact. SUPA is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in all supported activities.

International Research Visits and Collaborations **Funding Closed**

SUPA is delighted to announce International Research Visit and Collaboration Funding.  The intention is for SUPA researchers to gain new skills and experiences, while strengthening or establishing international research collaborations.  Collaborations can be with academic, industrial or other partners located in any country outside the UK.  Applicants are encouraged to use this funding to travel as part of a research collaboration.  However, those who cannot travel but would like to work with international collaborators are also encouraged to apply.  In that case, funding could be used to ship samples or supplies internationally, and for other expenses related to an international collaboration.   

SUPA welcomes applications from postgraduate, postdoctoral and early career researchers. Early career researchers are defined as having completed their doctorate in the last 7 years (full time equivalent).

Visits must be completed and claims processed before 31 December 2023.

There will be two deadlines for applications:
  (1) 7 February 2023
  (2) 7 March 2023

If applicants are unsuccessful in round 1, they are welcome to resubmit to round 2.

Full information on what costs are eligible, including those arising from reasonable adjustments, as well as the application form are all available on the International Research Visits and Collaborations dedicated webpage.


Saltire Emerging Researcher Visits **Funding Closed**

This new fund from the Scottish Government will support developing the next generation of researchers and the forming and strengthening of European collaborations. Doctoral students and early career researchers are eligible to apply for up to £10,000 for a visit of up to 6 months either from Scotland to Europe, or from Europe to Scotland. 

There were two rounds. The first round deadline was midday 28 October 2021, the second round closed midday 25 November 2021.

Full information on what costs are eligible, including those arising from reasonable adjustments, as well as the application form and guidelines are all available on the Saltire Visits dedicated webpage.


Funding for Meetings and Events **Funding Closed**

SUPA welcomes applications for funding of events held in Scotland and organised by members of SUPA, either as a standalone SUPA event, or in partnership with other organisations. The aim of this funding is to enhance the reputation of Scottish physics research at the top internationally competitive levels through collaboration, and to provide opportunities for research students and postdoctoral researchers within SUPA to increase their knowledge and experience while expanding their networks.

SUPA Meetings & Events funding is awarded on a rolling basis consistent with set criteria. Funding is available for both small meetings, e.g. £500, and larger meetings with a contribution normally up to a maximum of £2000. Please visit the Meetings & Events page for further information including:

  • Guidelines
  • Event Checklist (a good practice guide to making events accessible to all, updated January 2022)
  • Application Form (in both Word and PDF)
  • Examples of previously funded meetings and events


Funding for Distinguished Visitors **Funding Closed**

SUPA welcomes applications for funding of Distinguished Visitors to Scotland. The aim of this fund is to promote international collaborations with top research institutions and researchers from around the world. As well as engaging in research collaborations with SUPA researchers at all levels, the visitors will be expected to give talks and lectures that cover latest advances in their fields, providing opportunities for research students and postdoctoral researchers within SUPA to increase their knowledge of latest trends in top level research. Please visit the Distinguished Visitor page for further information and:

SUSSP Summer Schools

Scottish Universities Summer Schools in Physics (SUSSP) has been organising international summer schools in Scotland on advanced specialist topics in physics for PhD students and PDRAs annually since 1960.  SUSSP exists as a separate registered charity; the SUPA Executive Committee are Trustees of SUSSP.  SUPA makes an annual financial contribution directly to the organisers of each School.

Suggestions for topics and proposals to organise future SUSSP Schools should be made to the Chair of SUSSP (currently (subject: SUSSP) (Prof John Jeffers), U.Strathclyde).

To apply to attend a SUSSP school as a participant, applications should be made directly to the Director of an individual School, information for which will be made available on the SUPA website when available.

 More information is available on the Summer School's website, where you can sign up to be notified of updates when the new dates are announced.


PEER (Pools Engagement in European Research) and PECRE (Postdoctoral & Early Career Researcher Exchanges in Europe, North America, China & India) has been a separate SFC funding allocation to all research pools. The final tranche of PEER and PECRE funding from SFC has been fully committed.

  • Click through for information of previously funded PEER and PECRE projects.