SUPA offers funding to support its scientists in organising meetings and events, bringing distinguished visitors to Scotland and to support short research visits by early careers scientists (PECRE). We also have funding to support researchers in building networks to apply for European funding (PEER).

We have committed our current tranche of funding for PEER. The call for Events, Distinguished Visitors and PECRE funding closed on 21 September 2018.  Please check back in 2019 for future funding announcements.

Recently funded:

SCAM 2017
Young Atom Opticians 2018
IoP Nuclear Physics Conference 2018
Workshop "The Aunatum to Classical Transition”
Young Theorists’ Forum 10
Business of Integratable Technology: Joint CDTs 

2018 PECRE visits include:

Beijing Super-resolution images of the flagella of Escherichia coli
Barcelona Low Gain Avalanche Detectors (LGAD) for particle physics and synchrotron applications
Madrid Warm Inflation
Shanghai Compressive imaging in sequentially-timed all optical systems
Madrid Interplay between electron-electron and exciton-photon correlations in a semiconductor
Heidelberg Dynamical modeling of galaxies
Montreal Calculating the leading contributions to the scattering of two highly energetic partons
Paris Multispectral TM acquisition using Hyper-Spectral Imaging

2017 PECRE visits include:

Rome measuring and characterising random lasing on inhomogeneous random media
Beijing ivestigating use of new imaging techniques using spinning disc confocal microscopy
Centre Nacional de Microelectronica (CNM), Barcelona learning new techniques for Low Gain Avalanche Detectors.
Shanghai investigating the behaviour of hot dense hydrogen at conditions above 250 GPa (2.5 MAtm) and above 600 K, learning the techniques used in just a handful of research labs.
Boston multiple collaborations including on the quantum supremacy of heat engines.