SUPA offers funding to support its scientists in organising meetings and events, bringing distinguished visitors to Scotland and to support short research visitors by early careers scientists. We also have funding to support researchers in building networks to apply for European funding (PEER).

Short term visit funding (PECRE) call currently closed.  A further call will be anounced in August 2018.

Recently funded:

Mid Infrared Workshop, Heriot Watt University (Dec 2017)
Young Theorists' Forum 10 (January 2018)

2017 PECRE funded 26 short term visits to China, North America and Europe. HIghlights include:

Rome measuring and characterising random lasing on inhomogeneous random media
Beijing ivestigating use of new imaging techniques using spinning disc confocal microscopy
Centre Nacional de Microelectronica (CNM), Barcelona learning new techniques for Low Gain Avalanche Detectors.
Shanghai investigating the behaviour of hot dense hydrogen at conditions above 250 GPa (2.5 MAtm) and above 600 K, learning the techniques used in just a handful of research labs.
Boston multiple collaborations including on the quantum supremacy of heat engines.