SUPA Committees

SUPA International Advisory Committee

  • Prof Malcolm Longair (University of Cambridge) Chair of SUPA IAC
  • Dr Allan Colquhoun (Leonardo UK)
  • Dr Stuart Fancey (SFC)
  • Dr Ana Gallardo (Scottish Enterprise)
  • Prof Helen Gleeson (University of Leeds)
  • Prof Ruth Gregory (Durham University)
  • Dr John Hand (EPSRC)
  • Prof David Miller (Stanford University)
  • Prof Ian Ritchie (Coppertop)
  • Prof Anneila Sargent (Caltech)
  • Dr Richard Burguete (NPL)
  • Prof Gillian Wright (UK ATC) 
  • Prof Andrew Mackenzie (Max Planck Institue)
  • Dr Alicia Greated (KTN)

Board of Directors

The SUPA Board of Directors (BoD) acts as the governance body for SUPA, and comprises Vice Principals, or their delegates, from each of the eight partners.

  • Aberdeen: Prof Peter Edwards (
  • Dundee: Prof John Rowan (
  • Edinburgh: Prof Dave Robertson (
  • Glasgow: Prof Chris Pearce (
  • Heriot-Watt: Prof Garry Pender (
  • St. Andrews: Prof Tom Brown (
  • Strathclyde: Prof Stephen McArthur (
  • UWS: Prof Milan Radosavljevic (

Executive Committee

The SUPA Executive Committee (EC) comprises the heads of physics from each of the eight partners and the CEO, and oversees all SUPA activities, developing general policy and strategy for deploying relevant funds, and cooperation on REF preparations. The EC also resolves problems and reports formally to member institutions; each EC member is responsibility for supporting and implementing the SUPA strategy within their institutions.

  • Aberdeen: Bjoern Schelter (
  • Dundee: David Keeble (
  • Edinburgh: James Dunlop (
  • Glasgow: David Ireland (
  • Heriot-Watt: Patrik Öhberg (
  • St. Andrews: Ian Bonnell (
  • Strathclyde: Stefan Kuhr (
  • UWS: John Smith (

Graduate School Committee

The SUPA Graduate School Committee (GSC) oversees the operation off the SUPA Graduate School in relation to prize studentships, video-linked courses, induction, retreats, career events, summer schools, industry placements, support for physics based doctoral training centres. SUPA CEO assumes the role of Director of the Graduate School; GS and KE Coordinators assist the CEO in fulfilling the aims and objectives of the strategy.