An Introduction to Lasers for the Non-Specialist

The Institute of Photonics ran a CPD course introducing lasers and the science behind them for non-specialist staff from Coherent Scotland Ltd, Thales Optronics Ltd, SELEX Galileo Ltd and GMI UK Ltd

THE CLIENT: Coherent Scotland Ltd, Thales Optronics Ltd, SELEX Galileo Ltd, GMI UK Ltd

THE BACKGROUND: The Institute of Photonics, at the University of Strathclyde, conducted a survey into industry’s needs for training in photonics. An unexpected request came back strongly from two of the Institute’s existing company partners: an introduction to lasers for the non-specialist.

THE SOLUTION: A one day course was developed, in close discussion with the companies, to give useful insights into optics and laser technology to a broad range of staff. From electronics and software engineers, to marketing, quality, production, HR, finance and administrative staff, almost every function was represented at the sold-out course.

THE KEY CLIENT BENEFITS: The companies recognised that whilst lasers played a central role to their success many staff wanted a better understanding of their products and the underlying science and technology. One company HR manager added that the training day had proved helpful for staff motivation and demonstrated the company’s ongoing commitment to the recruitment and retention of high quality staff.

SUPA EXPERTISE: The Institute of Photonics, established in 1996, is a commercially-oriented research unit, part of the University of Strathclyde. The Institute’s key objective is to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial applications and development in the area of photonics. The Institute’s research interests include semiconductor materials and devices, practical, all solid state lasers, micro-LED arrays and a wide range of applications particularly in biophotonics.

THE COLLABORATION MECHANISM: Continuing Professional Development Course.