SUPA Distinguished and International Visitors and Events

SUPA continues to be proud to support a range of Distinguished and International Visitors and Events. In the last year, we have supported visits by:

  • Elena Cuoco, a member of the European Gravitational Observatory;
  • Professor Steven Jacques, a world leading expert on light-tissue interactions and the optical properties of biological tissue;
  • Dr David Snoke, one of the world’s leading experts on exciton and polariton condensation;
  • Professor John Toner, a world-renowned expert in theoretical soft matter physics and collective phenomena in flocking and active matter systems;
  • Professor Tomas Tyc, who is one of the world-leading experts in the rapidly developing fields of theoretical optics – theory of cloaking and perfect imaging 
SUPA has also supported a number of events, including:
  • Astrobiology Graduates in Europe (AbGradE) Symposium
  • The 24th edition of the International Conference on Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics (DSFD)
  • Experimental Chaos and Complexity (ECC) conference
  • Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics VII  28th EPS Nuclear Physics Divisional Conference
  • Young Theorists' Forum 2014
  • Research Frontiers in Decommissioning & Radioactive Waste Management Conference 2015
More information about the Distinguished and International Visitors and Events programme can be found at