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Amplitudes 2017 summer school (July 2017):

The study of scattering amplitudes has seen vigorous progress in recent years, both within Scotland and internationally. This school will provide training for graduate students and academics based in Scotland in this exciting field and will precede the annual Amplitudes conference. The school will be held at University of Edinburgh in July 2017.

Biophotonics North (2nd – 5th November 2016):

Biophotonics is an important field of research within SUPA’s PALS theme area and many graduate students pursuing a Ph.D. in this theme will benefit from attending this conference, from mingling with their peers over an event focused on their field of research, as well as from meeting with delegates from outside SUPA. This will enrich their knowledge and inform their research practice by implementing ideas/know-how from other groups and horizons. Workshops on research-related problems beyond the laboratory – gender balance in research and career progression – will increase the professional skills and ethics of the attendees. This event will be held at University of St Andrews.

FluoroFest (Spring 2017):

The FluoroFest conference is organised in collaboration with Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd. Fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy are widely used throughout SUPA in the PaLS, Condensed Matter and Materials, Photonics and Energy themes as well as in other disciplines such as chemistry, medicine and biology. This 3 day multidisciplinary event will give Scottish students an enriching experience that combines not only excellent science, but also hands-on use and training on leading-edge instrumentation, while bridging to knowledge exchange and the jobs market through the engagement and sponsorship of Horiba, one of the World’s largest scientific instrument manufacturers. The conference will be jointly hosted by the University of Strathclyde and Horiba and will take place in Glasgow.

SUPA Workshop on Non-Equilibrium Collective Dynamics (February 2017):

This workshop is a meeting of SUPA graduate students and SUPA faculty to build connections between seemingly distinct research areas which have recently been realised to share deep underlying theoretical foundations. Recent advances in non-equilibrium theory are powering the way towards a deeper understanding of a wide range of systems, from biology, to new phases of quantum matter, and quantum computers. This is an area where big strides are only just being taken, but it will lead to both new, broad, applications and fundamentally new insight into how our universe works. The Workshop will take place in Perth.

SUSSP73: Astrophysics with Gravitational Waves (July 2017):

Scottish physicists played leading roles in the recent gravitational wave breakthroughs. The aim of this summer School is to give a competitive advantage to those who attend, some of whom will go on to lead the field in the future. This SUSSP will take place in St Andrews and will offer advanced training to students and early career Post-Doctoral Researchers, along with the opportunity to make new contacts. This will be an international Summer School with participants expected from around the UK, the USA and, it is hoped, as far afield as India, Japan and Australia.

Young Theorists Forum 9:

YTF aims to foster the development of early career researchers working in theoretical physics and to encourage collaboration between institutions and different branches of the subject. The meeting will bring together doctoral students working on a wide range of topics in theoretical physics, providing them with the opportunity to present their work to a student audience via a short talk or poster presentation. YTF 9 will take place at University of Durham.