SUPA Rooms & Schedule


Lectures usually take place in the SUPA video-conferencing rooms. Not all lectures take place in all rooms.

Call and lecture times

In general, the VC calls come in at five past the hour and drop exactly on the hour. It takes a few minutes to set up the lecture once the call has come in. Lectures therefore usually start at about 10 past the hour.
Due to local undergraduate timetables, lectures may not start or end exactly with the call. The courses that are also offered to undergraduates are marked with an asterisk (*). Note that the undergraduate lectures are scheduled according to LOCAL time slots.
Please hold your cursor (mouse) over each of the entries in the timetable to obtain more information about the exact times of the lectures.


Entries marked in grey are labs or tutorials. These will typically not take place in the SUPA VC rooms, details of their location will be made available via My.SUPA. Travel to attend labs/tutorials will can be claimed back from SUPA. Ask your local finance office for details.

Room Bookings

To book a SUPA room please complete the room bookings form. An empty slot in the timetable may not indicate that the rooms are free. Local lectures, meetings and late bookings are not shown.