2013 SUPA PaLS meeting

 SUPA PaLS open day, 27th February 2013, Heriot Watt University

1) Kishan Dholakia, Welcome (PDF)
2) Avril Manners, SUPA PaLS Grad School (PDF)

Invited keynote speakers
3) Alastair Thompson, Surgery and Molecular Oncology, Ninewells Hospital, University of Dundee: “Could you cure cancer?” (PDF)
4) Kulwinder Sagoo, Product Specialist, Horiba: “Fluorescence in Biomolecular Research” (PDF)
5) Jano van Hemert, Imaging Research Manager & Academic Liaison, Optos: "Challenges in retinal imaging" (PDF)
6) Ashley Baker, Head of Research and Development, Macphie: "Industrial/ Academic Collaborative Research and Development"
Networking talks from SUPA partners Morning session
7) Dr Elahe Radmaneshfar (research fellow), University of Aberdeen: "From START to FINISH: the influence of the osmotic stress on the cell cycle"
8) Emil Rozbicki (research fellow), University of Dundee: “Light-sheet microscopy for study of development and disease”
9) Alys Jepson (PhD student), University of Edinburgh: “Enhanced diffusion in a 3D swimmer bath”
10) Tushar Choudhary (PhD student), University of Glasgow: “Vascular oximetry: the retina and beyond” (PDF)
11) Ali Dun (Technology and Facility Manager), Heriot Watt University: “Introduction to the Edinburgh super resolution imaging consortium, ESRIC” (PDF)
12) Bavishna Balagopal (PhD student), University of St Andrews: “Advanced techniques in Raman Spectroscopy for Bio-medical applications” (PDF)
13) David Palmer (research fellow), University of Strathclyde: "Computational Biomolecular Design: from Drug Development to Bionanotechnology"
14) Dr David Hughes (research fellow), University of the West of Scotland: “High frequency ultrasound imaging for life sciences and medicine”

Networking talks from SUPA partners Afternoon session
15) Dr Alexandra Pokhilko, University of Aberdeen: "Modelling of the circadian regulation of downstream physiology in plants" (PDF)
16) Michael Conneely (PhD student), University of Dundee: “The good, the bad and the bubbly. Micro bubble behaviour under ultrasound” (PDF)
17) Marieke Schor (research fellow), University of Edinburgh: “Multiscale simulations of protein-membrane interactions”
18) David Turton (research fellow), University of Glasgow: “Ultrabroadband terahertz spectroscopies of biomolecules and water”
19) Debaditya Choudhury (PhD student), Heriot Watt University: “Ultrafast laser inscription for biophotonics applications” (PDF)
20) Steven Quinn (PhD student), University of St Andrews: "A Biophysical Toolbox for Alzheimer-Related Drug Discovery"
20a) photo of Steven Quinn, recipient of Institute of Physics (Scotland) best networking presentation prize (JPG)
21) Daniel Shaw (research fellow) “The role of ultrafast dynamics in protein-drug binding”
22) Peter Childs (PhD student), University of the West of Scotland:  “Cell mechanotransduction: cell responses to nanoscale vibrations (PDF)

Posters  presentations
23) Dr Elahe Radmaneshfar (research fellow), University of Aberdeen: "From START to FINISH: the influence of the osmotic stress on the cell cycle"
24) TBC, University of Dundee: “Quantitative elastography of heterogeneous soft tissue provided by surface acoustic waves detected by phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography”
25) Yuri Belotti (PhD student), University of Dundee: “Microfluidic assay for the investigation of cell migration in 1D environment”
26) University of Edinburgh: TBC
27) University of Edinburgh: TBC
28) Michael Lee (PhD student), University of Glasgow: “Holographic microscope” (poster and table top demonstration)
29) Jonny Taylor (lecturer), University of Glasgow: “Heart stopping moments with zebrafish: imaging inside the living, beating heart” (PDF)
30) Nathan Gemmell (PhD student), Heriot Watt University: “Singlet oxygen luminescence detection with a fiber-coupled superconducting nanowire single photon detector” (PDF)
30a) photon of Nathan Gemmel, recipient of British Society of Cell Biology best poster prize. (JPG)
31) William Ramsay (PhD student), Heriot Watt University: “Quantum dot thermal spectroscopy for biological optical tweezers” (PDF)
32) Maria Torres (PhD student), University of St Andrews: "A multimodal holographic system for optical injection and manipulation of developing embryos"
33) Ashu Bansal (PhD student), University of St Andrews: "An optoelectronic muscle contraction sensor" (PDF)
34) Claire Mitchell (PhD student), University of St Andrews: "Femtosecond optoinjection of intact plant cells using a reconfigurable photoporation platform"
35) Dr Neil Hunt (Reader), University of Strathclyde: “How do Ultrafast Dynamics Influence Biological Reactions?”
36) Dr Daniel Shaw, (research fellow), University of Strathclyde: “Ultrafast 2D-IR Spectroscopy of an Anti Tuberculosis Drug”
37) Shigeng Song (Senior Research Technologist), University of the West of Scotland: “Overview of PaLS research at UWS: Thin-film technologies for biomedical and biocompatible devices” (PDF)
38) Dr David Hughes (research fellow) and Peter Childs (PhD student), University of the West of Scotland: “Overview of PaLS research at UWS: multicellular ultrasonic imaging, protein splicing, and cell mechanotransduction” (PDF)
39) Thorben Wellbrock (PhD student), University of Strathclyde: “Amyloid Beta Aggregation monitored by Tyrosine Fluorescence”
40) Philip Yip (PhD student), University of Strathclyde: “Nano-Toolbox for Bioimaging” (PDF)
41) Martin Keating (PhD student), University of Strathclyde: "Silver Nanoparticle Assembly in Agarose Gel for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering" 
42) Anastasia Romanova, (PhD student), University of Strathclyde: “Ions at solvation interfaces: effects on stability of nano particle dispersions and biomolecule complex formations”