Shedding Light on Cell Processes for Health

Shedding Light on Cell Processes for Health


Autophagy is a vital cellular process, in which dysfunctional components of the cell are removed and the building blocks recycled for reuse. Defects in the functioning of this system have been shown to have important links with various diseases, including cancer and neurodegeneration. The project will shed light on autophagy pathways using Raman Spectroscopy and fluorescence techniques from fat body tissue of Drosophila larvae.

The team expertise for this Medical Challenge is in Biology, Biophysics, Maths, Statistics, and Electrical Engineering

Ben Swallow

Dr Ben Swallow,
Lecturer in Statistics School of Mathematics & Statistics,
U. St Andrews

Helene Knævelsrudm

Dr Helene Knævelsrudm,
project group leader,
Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Martha Vardaki

Dr Martha Vardaki,
Research Fellow,
National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece

Adnane Saoud

Dr Adnane Saoud,
Associate Professor in Automatique et Systems at CentraleSupélec,
University Paris-Saclay


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