High Pressure Summer School

This Summer School, will be held in Stirling University prior to the 28th AIRAPT- Conference which will be held in Edinburgh.  The main aim of the high pressure summer school will be to cover the different topics of the conference.  It provides students and newcomers with a good level of background knowledge in the field of high pressure.

Lectures will be delivered by international experts.  High pressure science is a multidisciplinary field that incorporates many departments: chemistry, physics, materials science, geophysics and biosciences. High pressure science is based on an array of experimental methods and the fundamental pillars of thermodynamics and electronic structure.

This programme wil last for 3.5 days.   Each topic will be explored through a lecture and some group/tutorial  work on data analysis, theory or calculation.  

Dates:  18 July - 21 July 2023

Three areas will be reviewed. These are fundamentals in high pressure science, experimental methods, and experimental calculations. 

18th of July: arrival. In the afternoon. Welcoming presentation and introduction. Dinner.

  • 19th Day one of lectures: scientific fundamentals in high pressure science.
    • Introduction: Changes expected to be driven by pressure: molecular to metal transitions, metal to insulators, electrides, formation of dense compounds, clathrates
    • Thermodynamics involved in different process. Entropy vs Enthalpy 
    • Rules to take into account when drawing a phase diagram
    • Kinetics
    • Group theory
  • 20th Day two: experimental methods
    • Static compression: methods, pressure diagnostic, coupling temperature to high pressure- temperature diagnostics. Limitations and errors.
    • Dynamic compression shock waves. Pressure and temperature diagnostic. Limitations and errors.
    • Phonons. Brillouin, Raman and IR spectroscopy in high pressure
    • Crystallography 
    • Nuclear magnetic Resonance
    • electrical measurements. Temperature dependent, Magnetic field dependent.
  • 21st Day 3:  State of the art in theoretical calculations,
  • what one can extract and expect from theory. Ab initio, semi empirical.
  • density functional theory,
  • Molecular dynamics
  • ELF


21st night, poster presentation and goodbye dinner

22nd, departure.


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