Case Studies

7 June, 2016
Helen is a third-year theoretical physics PhD student studying at the University of St Andrews. She has acted as an outreach co-ordinator and has participated in a wide variety of outreach events.
1 March, 2015
1 January, 2014
23 April, 2013
The SUPA INSPIRE scheme funded a six month secondment for a research physicist from the Institute of Photonics, University of Strathclyde, to work in collaboration with the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research and Coherent Scotland Ltd.
26 November, 2012
A SUPA INSPIRE secondment led to the development of key capabilities for a growing business, with the seconded physicist proving so invaluable to the company that he subsequently joined their team.
18 October, 2012
A secondment funded from the SUPA INSPIRE project has proved a great success for all concerned, leading to potential new sales, academic papers, and valuable experience for the seconded physicist.
7 March, 2012
A recently completed SUPA START project between Thin Film Solutions and the Thin Film Centre at the University of the West of Scotland investigated enhancing the performance of optical filters for a wide range of applications. The project was aimed at applications requiring spatially graded coatings like miniaturised/low cost spectrometers, gas sensors and high laser damage threshold coatings.
7 March, 2012
LUX Assure asked the Institute of Photonics, at the University of Strathclyde, to explore the feasibility of a combined fluorometer and spectrophotometer that would be portable. The project was supported by a SUPA START Award.
7 March, 2012
Piezo Composite Transducers (PCT) Ltd approached the Institute of Medical Science and Technologies (IMSaT) at the University of Dundee to help them investigate the use of ultrasound in developing new tools for medical cutting. The work was supported by a SUPA START Award.
6 March, 2012
A recently completed SUPA START project between Giltech and St Andrews University has explored the feasibility of sorting sperm into different sexes using an optofluidic device.