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Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

Scotland – France – Luxembourg

Project: "UV-Go"

Despite the standard use of spectroscopy to determine the composition of water in the laboratory and in the field, UV/visible spectrometers are expensive and bulky. This project encompasses the development and testing of new low cost and sensitive UV sensors for water composition quantification.

The team expertise for this Environmental Challenge is in: Physics, Chemistry, Experimental Hydrology, Material and Environmental Science


Fabien Massabuau

Dr Fabien Massabuau,
Chancellor's Fellow,
Department of Physics, U. Strathclyde


William Peveler

Dr William Peveler,
Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow,
School of Chemistry, U. Glasgow


Nathalie Lidgi Guigui

Dr Nathalie Lidgi-Guigui,
Associate professor,
Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, France


Núria Martínez Carreras

Dr Núria Martínez-Carreras,
Senior Research and Technology Associate,
Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg