Funding: SUPA International Research Visits and Collaborations


SUPA is delighted to announce the International Research Visit and Collaboration Funding.  The intention is for SUPA researchers to gain new skills and experiences, while strengthening or establishing international research collaborations.  Collaborations can be with academic, industrial or other partners located in any country outside the UK.  Applicants are encouraged to use this funding to travel as part of a research collaboration.  However, those who cannot travel but would like to work with international collaborators are also encouraged to apply.  In that case, funding could be used to ship samples or supplies internationally, and for other expenses related to an international collaboration.   

SUPA welcomes applications from postgraduate, postdoctoral and early career researchers. Early career researchers are defined as having completed their doctorate in the last 7 years (full time equivalent).

Eligible Costs

For this call, applicants may receive a single award only, up to a maximum value of £5,000. A visit can last for up to six months. The funding cannot be used for covering the cost of visas, attendance at conferences or training seminars, or equipment and materials costs.

Eligible costs include:

  • economy travel (see note below)
  • accommodation
  • subsistence at the agreed institutional rate
  • reasonable adjustments relating to equality, diversity, and inclusion considerations

Reasonable expenses relating to equality, diversity, and inclusion considerations are allowed. For example, the expense of returning home for a medical appointment that cannot be moved.

In planning your trip, please consider the environment.  Participants are encouraged, but not required, to travel by train or in other ways that reduce their carbon footprint.   

Application process

Applications will be assessed in an open competition, involving the SUPA Theme Leaders and experts in the sub disciplines. Criteria for selection will include:

  • evidence of the ability of the candidate (output, leadership)
  • likely benefits to the research of the candidate (new skills, techniques likely to be acquired)
  • likely benefits to the longer-term career of the researcher
  • evidence of wider benefits to Scotland and/or physics in Scotland
  • the potential for sustained collaboration
  • the potential for academic and/or social impact

We also welcome applications for international collaborations that do not involve travel.

Permission of 1st or 2nd supervisors will be required. For those travelling, confirmation that the host organisation is willing to accept and host the visit for the proposed period is required. For those not travelling, confirmation that the collaborating organisation supports the project is required.   

Visits must be completed and claims processed before 31 December 2023.  Seeking matched funding from other organisations is encouraged.

Application forms can be downloaded in Word and/or PDF format and should be submitted to
There will be two deadlines for applications:
  (1) 7 February 2023
  (2) 7 March 2023
If applicants are unsuccessful in round 1, they are welcome to resubmit to round 2.

After the visit or collaboration

Within two months of the end of the project, successful candidates must provide to SUPA a report covering:

  • the aims, objectives or themes that the visit relates to;
  • a lay person (non-scientific) summary of no more than 400 words
  • a brief scientific report (no more than two A4 pages);
  • a list of outputs (publications/other); and
  • detailed costs involved.

The reports will be reviewed by SUPA, with a summary placed on the SUPA website - if you would rather we did not publicise the work, please note that on your application.

Expenses should be claimed through the applicant's home university.  Any costs incurred should be documented with receipts.  The receipts, or a copy, should be submitted in the claim.   The applicant should keep a copy of the claim and the receipts in case there are any questions.  The applicant must indicate on the expense claim forms that funding is from SUPA.